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Have a Stain Free School Year by Adding Protectant to your Carpet


The autumn season is fast approaching, and that means the children are back in school and your house is most likely suffering from the bacteria that have been abandoned from an adventurous summer. What better time for carpet cleaning than the months of August and September? Begin the school year off on the right foot by cleaning your carpets and rugs with Metro Chem-Dry. Once the kids are in school give Metro Chem-dry a call for a quick highly effective carpet cleaning that just takes 1-2 hours to dry.

Enhance the health and state of mind of your family by allowing Metro Chem-Dry to put in a carpet protectant in your house. We recognize that mishaps happen, particularly with new school year pursuits, so be prepared to fight against the problems in your home by applying protectant on your carpet. Protectant is a solution we recommend that will develop into an invisible barrier to secure and protect your carpet from unattractive stains. Protectant gives you additional time to wash spills before they transform into nasty stains.

There is most likely some technique of protectant on newly placed carpet but after a while that protectant wears away. We realize that it’s a challenge to clean and add protectant to your carpet, but if you know that you are past due for a carpet cleaning and would also like to include protectant, Metro Chem-Dry are the carpet cleaners for you. Plan for the future and give your home a pure new feel with carpet cleaning and protectant process. Keep your carpets are safe by adding protectant this school year! Settle down and breathe easy, knowing that Metro Chem-Dry technicians are experienced and qualified to extend the life of your carpet!




Defend your health with carpet cleaning provided by Metro Chem-Dry

Are you aware that the typical home contains about 200,000 bacteria/allergens per square inch of carpet? Metro Chem-Dry will allow you to fight against harmful bacteria by taking out around 98.1 % of allergens that are found in your residence.

We find ourselves in the middle of summer time, and outdoor pursuits, parties and vacation events all come with their personal variety of germs that fasten themselves to our clothes. Just think about how many different types of unhealthy materials have established themselves into your carpet and upholstery this summer season. Your home ought to be a place to feel secure and refreshed, not overwhelmed with allergies and grubby bacteria’s. We all need help overcoming summer’s bacteria snares and Metro Chem-Dry will always be there for you and your family’s carpet cleaning necessities.

The good news is, we at Metro Chem-Dry are noted for our Hot Carbonating extraction carpet and upholstery products and services. The power of carbonation incorporates numerous cleaning bubbles that pass through and clean deep within your carpets. The best benefit is our Natural cleaning solution which is green certified and does not include dangerous cleansers and components, so no more foamy deposits being left behind! We want you to feel comfy this summer knowing that our carpet service will get rid of bacteria and attack those annoying house allergies, all while keeping your loved ones safe from unhealthy cleansing remedies. Have an adventure! Then return to your home and kick back and take pleasure in the cleaner, healthier and safer cleanliness available from Metro Chem-Dry.